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Nyx(ニュクス) ist eine spielbare Charakterin in Fire Emblem Fates Herrschaft und in Fire Emblem Faes Offenbarung. Sie wird von Juri Kimura in der japanischen. Größte deutsche Fire Emblem Fansite mit vielen Infos zu allen Fire Emblem-​Teilen! Detaillierte Spieldaten, Downloads, Sprites, eine große. Fire Emblem Schicksale, Nyx, Anime, Deviantart. Saved from trainerpink.​ Nyx fire emblem fates by mmsmartass on DeviantArt. More information. View an image titled 'Camilla, Maid Costume Art' in our Fire Emblem Warriors art gallery featuring official character designs, concept art, and promo pictures. 2,58 Millionen Bewertungen. Herunterladen. Fire Emblem Schicksale, Märchen Kunst, Zeichentrickfilme, Anime Style, Breaking Dawn, Rollenspiel.

Fire Emblem Nyx

Stefan Tiefenbacher hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Fire Emblem Fates Eroberung und Offenbarung Routen Dark Mage Nyx Outfit Cosplay Kostüm,Kaufen Sie von Verkäufern aus China und aus der ganzen Welt​. Nyx hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest.

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Use your imagination. Mein Schloss. Der Kontinent des Purple Moon, Glacia. Zug gefangen. Gazak: Nehmt click at this page mit Niles gefangen. Senno : Nehmt ihn mit Niles gefangen. Nebenquest 17 Ignatius: Benny muss mit ihm sprechen. - Nero @ F/GO hell hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Read Niles und Nyx A from the story Fire Emblem Fates by Shiho6 with 63 reads. fire, fates, laslow. Nyx: Niles! Sag, wie war es, keine schmutzigen Reden mehr. Read Niles und Nyx B from the story Fire Emblem Fates by Shiho6 with 48 reads. leo, silas, kaden. Nyx: Ich hörte einiges über dich, Niles. Du hättest meine War. Nyx Charakterdesign, Fire Emblem Awakening, Anime Outfits, Konzeptuelle Nyx and Odin in my redesigned versions of FE fates dark mage and sorcerer. Nov 6, - Fire Emblem Fates IF Nyx Cosplay Costume #Fates, #Emblem, #​Fire.

He was beloved by trainee knights for his great patience. Scholars believe his luck improved slightly after the war.

There are no records of Nyx from after the war, but supposedly she only used her magic to help others. He frequently visited old friends and got lost on the way home.

Nyx is currently featured on five cards in Fire Emblem Cipher. High-quality portrait artwork Nyx from Fates. Artwork of Nyx from the 4Koma character book.

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Warning: This wiki contains spoilers. Gender Female. Dark Mage. Fire Emblem Fates. What a nuisance. I might have known the Hoshidan army would be here.

We've got to take her into custody! Children barely out of the womb to capture a grown woman. It makes me sick. This is why I usually choose to remain hidden from the ignorant masses.

Recruitment: Chapter 9 , speak to with Corrin. Inventory Skills Fire Fimbulvetr. Countercurse Heartseeker. Recruitment: Chapter 15 , speak to with Corrin.

Inventory Skills Fire. Stats Max HP Dark Knight. Reclass options:. Bow Knight. Malefic Aura. Seal Magic. Rally Skill. Lucky Seven.

Darkness Concealed in Youth, Nyx. Nyx : Huh?! Kaze : I hear that they are quite popular among women. Everyone will want to read them.

I think they will be a hit. I can't wait to tell everyone the good news. Nyx : Y-you still haven't forgotten about those?! You can't tell anyone about them!

Kaze : But I wouldn't want to deprive the ladies in camp of such pleasure Although if I were allowed to read them myself, my opinion might be altered Nyx : Are you blackmailing me, Kaze?!

Kaze : No, of course not. Now, which would you recommend I read first I've come to borrow another book.

May I? Nyx : Are you trying to read every book I own? That's three this week Kaze : I am. But I also relish the chance to share these few moments with you every day.

Nyx : How can you say things like that? Never mind. What book would you like to borrow today? Kaze : Today, I would like to borrow a romance novel.

Nyx : I told you, those are off limits. I didn't let you have any after you blackmailed me; why would I now? Kaze : Please.

I beseech you. I believe they will help me figure out how to articulate my feelings to you. Nyx : Huh? Kaze : I love you, Nyx. And I want to know how to tell you properly.

Those novels may be the only way I can learn. Nyx : You fool. Isn't that what you're doing right now?

Kaze : Ah. So I am. Nyx : You truly are a strange one, Kaze. Kaze : I may be strange, but my love for you is pure, Nyx. I swear it.

I cannot bear to see you sitting here alone again for a single day more. Not when your eyes are filled with such grief and sadness. I want you to be happy, to smile and to laugh with abandon.

And I want to be the one to help you achieve these things Nyx : Hm I suppose that is Kaze : Truly? I hate to admit it, but I find you quite charming.

You are like a puppy dog. Kaze : Thank you, Nyx. I swear I shall do all I can to be the perfect man for you.

Nyx : Yes, yes. Now be a good puppy and fetch us our stories, love. Silas : Nyx, do you mind if I ask about a possibly delicate subject?

Nyx : I don't need second sight to see where this is going. Silas : Are you Nyx : This subject again Silas : Of course, you don't have to answer if you don't want to.

I'm not entirely comfortable asking a woman about her age Nyx : I don't mind at all. It was obviously going to come up.

The answer is yes. I'm older than you by quite a lot. Silas : That seems so strange And is it true, too, that you were cursed to be this way?

Nyx : You have good sources. Fell magic has prevented me from growing or aging. Silas : Goodness. That sounds You can see why it's not something that I advertise.

Silas : Hmm It must be hard for you, frozen in time like that. Nyx : In some ways. But brooding over my condition does nothing to solve it.

I try not to think about it these days. Silas : Don't say that! You'll never figure out a cure if you give up.

Nyx : Sorry? Silas : I'll find a way. I hate to see any of my allies in distress. Nyx : But Silas : I'll break that curse, you see if I don't!

It won't be long now! Silas : Oh, there you are, Nyx. Nyx : Silas. Silas : I've wandered pretty far afield in search of a way to break your curse.

Nyx : And your search was fruitless, I expect. Silas : On the contrary. Nyx : Don't feel bad. I'd already exhausted every avenue of— Wait.

You found something? Silas : Voila. This is a little remedy I found in a seedy little apothecary's shop in the city. Nyx : You found this in some hole-in-the-wall shop, hm?

Silas : Yeah. Advances in modern medicine, and all that. Nyx : Might I see it? Silas : Of course! Better yet, go ahead and try it out. I'm eager to see if it works.

Nyx : Hmm. A powder Silas, I have something to show you. Silas : What is it? Nyx : You can see here that it says "Guaranteed Curse Remedy" on the packaging.

But look closer. The label has been affixed over the original packet. It used to say "Headache Remedy. Silas : Let me see that This is a blow to the ego I should have known better.

Nyx : A packet of powder claiming to lift curses did seem strange to me. But I have to caution you, Silas.

This curse won't be resolved so easily. Silas : I refuse to accept that! I won't give up, not when there's a friend in need!

Silas : I've got it this time for sure, Nyx! Nyx : This looks Silas : I'm not surprised. It's mixed from mandrake roots, frog tongues, and dragon dung.

As well as a few other ingredients I'd rather not mention. All of it was ground together and turned into a potion. I'm told it can lift any curse!

Nyx : Did you say And that's one of the ingredients you're willing to name? What are you asking me to drink?! Silas : Trust me, you don't want to know.

You'd never agree to drink it otherwise. Nyx : I'm not sure I want to drink it anyway Silas : I followed the recipe in the book to the letter, so it should work.

Nyx : I'm sorry, but there are lengths I won't go to. Even for this. Silas No, I suppose not.

It's a lot to ask. Nyx : Silas, really. You don't need to try so hard. I'm keenly aware that this is not the kind of curse that can be lifted with a potion.

Besides, to some extent, I have only myself to blame. Silas : What? Nyx : Ah. I thought you knew. From a young age, I displayed a talent for black magic.

I mastered some of the most heinous spells known to man as if they were child's play. They say power corrupts, and I can attest to that.

My failure to control the magics I wielded resulted in many innocent deaths. This curse is the price for my hubris. Silas : I had no idea Nyx : I'm honored that you're so determined to help me.

But the situation is more complicated than you may have bargained for. Silas : I see. Still, I won't let that stop me. Nyx : Oh? Silas : There must be a way to wipe your record clean.

Something we haven't considered. We'll tackle that once the curse is lifted. Thank you, Silas. You've been kinder to me than most who know my secrets.

Silas : Nyx I've been waiting for you. Nyx : What's going on? And why do you have so many flowers? Silas : These bouquets are gifts for you.

I don't know what I'll do with them all, but it's a nice gesture. Silas : These were what the florist suggested when I asked for ones signifying liberation.

Nyx : Liberation Silas : I hope my other gift pleases you, too. It's an engagement ring. I'd like us to be wed.

Silas : Let's get to the bottom of this curse as husband and wife. We'll find a way to set this right together. I'll support you to the end, body and soul.

Nyx : Thank you, Silas. I accept, of course. Nyx : Are we leaving it at that, then? Silas : Er, no. I had much more to say, but all of it was moot when you simply agreed.

Nyx : Oh, yes, I see. You should know that I'm also a talented soothsayer. And I had a particular vision not long ago of a kind and devoted man visiting me.

Through his kindness and dauntless effort, a path to my redemption would open. And little by little, my curse would begin to lift Silas : Is this true?!

It even indicated that my life could be effectively over if I let him slip away. It was only today, after you spoke to me, that I could be certain That man is you.

And so I saw every reason to accept your proposal. Silas : Fantastic We ought to let the others know so we can be officially married at once.

Nyx : Why the rush? Silas : I'm worried some other fellow will come along meeting the same criteria Nyx : Hahah, that seems unlikely. The vision spoke specifically of the man's undaunted effort.

Only you would go so far as to bring me headache powder or some ghastly potion. Only you, of all the people I know, have been dauntless in your effort to cure me.

So you see, it is clear to me that you were the one all along. Mozu Did you come here purely to stare at me?

Mozu : Eep! You noticed I didn't want to bother you while you were into your book there. Nyx : I could feel your gaze boring holes into me.

If you need something, ask. Mozu : U-um Well, I I really admire you! Mozu : I mean, you're always reading those thick, heavy books.

They look serious. I wouldn't have thought someone so young as you would read those old things! Mozu : Point is, I think it's amazing the way you can manage it.

Nyx : I've become a bibliophile over the years. It's nothing special, really. Mozu : Oh, but it is!

Especially for a girl from the sticks like me. Hey, could you teach me how to read those kinds of books?

Really dig deep into them? Nyx : Why are you asking me? It's your interest. Mozu : Oh I'll grant you access to my library.

I can't have you mooning around camp. Mozu : Really?! There's no particular trick to studying or reading, but Like all things, if you do it regularly, it will come easier to you.

Mozu : Yaaay! I can't believe it! I get to read Nyx's books! Nyx : Do so quietly, or the offer is rescinded.

Mozu : Oh, um, sorry! Nyx : You may choose any book from the shelves to study as you wish. Mozu : Got it! Thanks a heap, Nyx!

Mozu : All right, Histories of Today I'm reading you cover to cover! Let's see, table of contents Sounds skippable Here it is!

Chapter 1! Did I doze off?! Aw, shucks! I gotta focus better! Nyx : Mozu. Are you sure you want this?

Falling asleep when you came to my tent to read suggests otherwise. Mozu : Aww I'm sorry, Nyx. You even went and loaned me your book.

But this highfalutin writing style is just too tough for me. Nyx : So it would seem. Mozu : But I'm gonna keep at it until I'm smart like you!

Here goes nothing! Mozu : In Mozu : Huh?! I-I wasn't sleeping! Who said I was sleeping! Nyx : I could tell when I saw you pick up the book that it's impossible for you.

Mozu : Awww Then you're kicking me out? Nyx : No. But you shouldn't have tried to start at my level. Better to begin with a book more suited to you.

Mozu : How do you mean? I don't read too many books, so I dunno what I'd like. Nyx : Hmm What about this?

Mozu : Ooh! Is this a cookbook? Ingredient lists, preparation instructions—that sort of thing. If you like to cook, then I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it.

Mozu : Aw, Nyx, you shouldn't have! Nyx : This is like a treasure trove for you, isn't it? Whereas to me, it's next to useless.

You'll take to reading faster by building on the interests you already have. Mozu : You're right This book looks about my speed! Nyx : It would be selfish of me to deny you this one book when I have so many others.

Now do try to read quietly, if you can. Mozu : Whoa! This dish looks powerfully good! I've never heard of any of these spices!

Huh, that's a funny-looking root. I wonder if it's from Nohr Nyx : Does she not know how to be silent? I suppose I should be happy she's found something to read Mozu : Nyx, I really gotta thank you.

Nyx : For what? Mozu : For the cookbook you loaned me! Plowing through that made me feel confident enough to tackle tougher stuff.

Nyx : But you did the actual reading, yes? You have nothing to thank me for. Mozu : Nah, I know what you did You must have spent a while finding a book that'd be just right for me.

Nyx : I don't know what you're talking about. Mozu : Hey, I've seen your shelf. You've got a lot of books, and not many are about food.

Though I see some new ones here Did you get these just for me? Nyx : I It sometimes happens that I take on new interests.

That's all. Mozu : Hey, no judgment here! I'm happy for you. Nyx : Mm. Mozu : You think about other people's feelings, you read really tough books You're really something, Nyx!

Oh, almost forgot! I wanted to know if there's anything I can do to thank you. Nyx : I've done nothing worth thanking me for, so no.

Mozu : Aw, but I won't rest until I do! Are there any sweets you like? I can try whipping some up!

Nyx : If you really must Mozu : You got it! I'll fix you something that'll make you break out smiling! Nyx : Thank you, Mozu. You said I was "really something," but I could say the same of you.

You're so young, and yet you're a good cook who cares for people. Mozu : Huh? Sorry, I didn't catch that. Nyx : It wasn't important.

I'm eager to taste your sweets, Mozu. I know just the recipe to use! Nyx : Going somewhere, Arthur? Arthur : Ah, the fair Nyx!

Why yes, I was just chaperoning the town children to a show. Their guardians were called away suddenly and wanted my help. Naturally, I agreed!

Nyx : Very admirable of you. But I suggest you find a way to back out. It will not end well. Arthur : Whatever makes you say that? It looks like a fine enough day!

Nyx : It has been foretold to me. Arthur : You've been peeking into the future, eh? Your warning is noted, but what choice do I have?

Such a mealymouthed excuse should never be uttered by a true hero! Nyx : I understand, but you must trust me on this. You cannot go.

But I'm touched by your concern. Now then, duty calls! Nyx : Wait. Go if you must. But wear this under your armor.

Arthur : What's this strange script? Is this a spellbook? It's dreadfully thick Nyx : You may not be able to read it, but you'll find it useful nonetheless.

All will be well if you do as I say. Arthur : My fair Nyx I've come to apologize for paying so little heed to your warning.

It seems I ought to put greater stock in your powers of divination! Nyx : What happened? I'd be interested to know the details.

Arthur : I took the children to see a magic show. The Great Mandoni, have you heard of her? She has a stupefying trick where a volunteer enters a wooden box— Nyx : Yes, which is then pierced by swords.

It's a common spectacle. It's done with a special trick sword. But I think I can infer what happened Arthur : You infer rightly!

Spurred on by my enthusiastic charges, I volunteered at once to go in. I squeezed myself into the box, which all seemed honest and aboveboard.

But then, to my great shock Rather than a trick sword, the Great Mandoni skewered me with a real blade! Nyx : As I foresaw Arthur : As soon as I felt it poke into my armor, I suspected something had gone awry.

But I couldn't cry out—not in front of the wonder-struck children. I knew the sword was meant to pass harmlessly through me by some trick And so, after careful consideration, it seemed best to remain mum.

But then the sword pierced my armor and continued its merciless plunge At the last moment, when death seemed certain, your spellbook saved the day!

Didn't I say it would? My insight into the future is never wrong. Though it is rare that these glimpses are as clear as they were in your case.

It must have something to do with your simple mi— I mean your pure heart. Now, oftentimes changing one's fate will only bring about a worse one.

But you are a friend, so I thought I'd warn you anyway. Arthur : In that case, I owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude!

Though while we're on the subject I've been asked to accompany the Lady Elise to dinner this evening. Can I have your assurance that everything will go swimmingly?

Your opinion of my fortune-telling has come a long way, hasn't it? But I said before that it's not wise to change the future, and I stand by that.

Arthur : I don't need a blow-by-blow of the event. Just give me a general outlook. Nyx : If you insist. Let me peer into the mists of what is to come Very, very interesting.

Arthur : What happened? Nyx : You will bear the brunt of someone's wrath. Keep your wits about you. Arthur : Someone's wrath?

Wh-what will I have done to deserve that?! Arthur : It is with a heavy heart that I inform you Your prediction was spot on. Lady Elise was furious with me.

Nyx : My condolences. Tell me what happened. Arthur : The dinner began as planned. We took our seats without incident.

I was asked for my preferred drink and said that water would be fine. My senses must remain undulled by drink if I am to properly perceive injustice!

When the rest of the party's drinks arrived, someone proposed a toast, as you do. I was feeling particularly parched and threw back my glass in one gulp.

Nyx : It wasn't water, but alcohol. Arthur : Yes! The waiter had mistakenly given me a glass of clear spirits. And I don't have the fortitude to guzzle a drink that strong in a single go.

I quickly felt disoriented and confused Nyx : And that's when trouble struck. Arthur : Exactly. This happened after the hors d'oeuvres and soup but before breadsticks were served.

Go on. Arthur : Not quite cognizant of my surroundings, I reached for some bread. I lifted it to my lips, took a bite, and Nyx : And? Arthur : What I was actually holding was Lady Elise's hair.

Nyx : I can see how you might confuse those long tails of hers for baguettes. Arthur : Er Nyx : My apologies.

I shouldn't make light of your suffering. Arthur : It's quite all right! I hadn't thought about it until you laughed, but it is a knee-slapper of a tale, isn't it?

I'll admit that I've come to enjoy peering into your future. There's never a want of bizarre trouble to be found there.

Arthur : Alas, it's true. But I can bear anything so long as you laugh away my bad luck, as you just did. Nyx : I think you can rely on me for that much.

Nyx : Is something wrong? Your summons sounded urgent. Arthur : My fair Nyx, thank you for meeting me. There is indeed a pressing concern I had to bring to your attention.

Nyx : And that is? Arthur : Pardon the delicate question, as I know a lady never tells, but How old are you?

Nyx : Were I to answer that Arthur : No offense meant! It's just that Nyx : Mm, I suppose you wouldn't ask without a reason.

So I'll tell you. My looks are deceiving. I'm actually older than you by quite a bit. Arthur : What?! Nyx : Many years ago, a magical experiment went wrong, preventing me from aging further.

Arthur : G-good heavens Well, it does put paid to my concern. I worried that you might be too young for Nyx : For? Arthur : Erm No, the time for hesitation is past!

My fair Nyx, I would like you to marry me. I have here an engagement ring for you. Nyx : Yes, I see that. You're never one to shrink from a bold move, are you?

I would be happy to accept your proposal. Arthur : So soon? I'd been prepared for you to tell me you needed time to think it over!

I've known for some time that today would be the day of your proposal. I foresaw it, you see. Arthur : Oh If you knew in advance of my bad luck, it stands to reason you'd know of the good.

I knew the day we met that it would lead to this. From our first meeting?! Nyx : That's what I said. Do you see now what I meant when I advised against changing one's fate?

Arthur : Aah In truth, I didn't. But now I'm starting to see. Nyx : I didn't want you to die, of course, so I passed along that one warning.

I-if you always knew this would happen What do you know of our lives to come? Our future together?

I see a child. A beautiful son, born to the two of us. Arthur : A son I can't wait to meet him! Nyx : Nor can I. Arthur : I vow to be a steadfast husband to you, fair Nyx.

I'll cram your life full of joy! Nyx : I know you will. You'll be a loving partner and a devoted father.

Better than I could ask for. That much I can see even without my second sight. Nyx : Ugh! That's a problem. Effie : Hey, Nyx.

Nyx : The cap is stuck on this bottle! I need it for my curses. Effie : Ha! Is that all?! Hand it over. Let me try!

There—it's open! Nyx : Effie! You ripped off the top half of the bottle! Effie : You're going to want to get a new one.

That broken glass could be dangerous. Nyx : No kidding. Effie : That's all right. I'll fix it. I'll just press the top and bottom together with all my might.

Nyx : I am pretty sure that won't work on glass.

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